The SOuL canopy has been installed at dozens schools across the UK. This elegant system provides a sheltered teaching hub so you can deliver curriculum based learning, bushcraft, story telling, outdoor cooking, fire building and a range of other activities with your pupils.


The canopy provides 40 sqm of outdoor teaching space completely protected from the elements. It can be tree suspended or by a single central post giving you flexibility for potential sites within your grounds.


 The canopy design provides a number of significant advantages over wooden structures as follows:

  • Planning permission is not required as they are not connected with the ground
  • They cost half the price of an equivalent sized wooden gazebo structure
  • They can be raised and lowered for cleaning and maintenance
  • They provide a more rustic and natural looking feature that is more in-keeping with the natural environments in which they are generally placed.
  • Lighting of fires (in specially constructed pits) is generally safer than in and around wooden structures

The floor is normally covered with a membrane and bark or woodchip to prevent weed growth. We provide a range of internal options such as:

  • Fire pits
  • Seating
  • Tables
  • Visual aids for teaching & learning 

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