The SOuL Canopy Classroom Competition

Would you like to win one of these?

We are giving away the fantastic prize of a brand new, fully installed, 7m pole suspended canopy classroom to the most deserving winner. The SOuL team will provide all of the materials, labour and fully install it in a location of your choosing on your school site.

A package worth £11,000 plus VAT but it will be installed entirely free of charge and be ready to use!

The SOuL outdoor classroom is a unique and aesthetically beautiful design capable of accommodating 35 children for all manner of learning beyond the classroom themes and activities. It has over 55 square metres of versatile, usable space and comes complete with hardwood sleeper benches, wany edge cladding walls and a woodchip floor surface. Even a fire pit!

The competition opens on Monday 8th Jan and closes at midday on Friday 8th March. We are inviting entries from any school or educational establishment on the UK mainland.

In your entry you will be required to answer a series of questions to highlight how your new classroom will be used and the difference it will make to outdoor learning for your community.

(See the official entry form for more details)

We will shortlist the best 5 entries and invite them to take part in a video-based presentation to a small panel of judges. The winner will then be selected from this short list of 5 (although all 5 shortlisted will win a significant prize).

We will be posting out entry details very soon. Look out for them on our website and social media channels. 

We wish you very best of luck!