Outdoor Learning – Whole School Development

SOuL can support you in focussing on the development of learning beyond the classroom as a core component of teaching and learning, across the whole curriculum.

This on-going consultancy and inset package is designed to help school leaders close the gap between current school practice and their ambitions for an embedded Outdoor Learning curriculum.

This support will deliver meaningful culture change at your school so that:

  • Outdoor Learning underpins the approach of all staff at your school and takes place on a routine and regular basis.
  • Staff feel confident and competent in their delivery and have the permission of SLT to be creative and innovative in their teaching approach.
  • Children are engaged in practical, experiential and multi-sensory ‘learning by doing’ in the outdoor environment, which innately develops physical literacy, language acquisition, independence, social skills and curiosity.


We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze level packages to support you and your school.

Contact us below and request a free, no obligation consultancy call.

The Festival of Education

We shall once again be at Wellington College for the 14th Festival of Education on the 4th and 5th July 2024. Not only will we be running workshops for delegates on outdoor learning but, this year, we will also be hoisting the Sustainability Hub which we are really excited about. Do come and see us, attend one of the workshops or simply pop in to find out more about how our products and services could help to support your school or education setting. We hope you see you there

Teaching for Character Workshop

We are excited to be designing and delivering an open Teaching for Character workshop for schools and teachers from the Pre Senior Baccalaureate (PSB) group on 30th November. Titled ‘Embedding a powerful culture of character education at your school’, this one-day practical workshop we will explore the key themes such as:

  • The facets of character that are most useful to instill in our young people and why?
  • Using outdoor end experiential activities to explore and cultivate the core skills and habits.
  • The teacher as facilitator in the learning journey.
  • Review, reflection, peer feedback and learning transfer activities and processes.

The workshop will be designed and delivered by Andy Carley of SOuL (School Outdoor Learning) who has a passion for teaching and learning beyond the classroom. For young people to be learning ready and able to thrive in school and beyond they require a fundamental set of core values, beliefs about themselves and interpersonal skills to work effectively with others. Exploring and practising these skills in an outdoor and experiential setting provides lots of fun, challenge and powerful learning.