An Easy Way to Engage With Empty Classroom Day

On the 17th June this year thousands of schools across the world will be taking their pupils outside to engage in some outdoor based learning, play and fun. It’s part of a growing phenomenon that we are witnessing in education in the UK pinned to an impressive body of research espousing the many benefits of learning outside.


We recently worked with Carrdus School near Banbury who were motivated to bolster their outdoor learning agenda and so set a specific date and allocated tasks among staff members. Their shared, organic and team led approach could also work in your school.

  1. Make a commitment to take part or all of your school day outside on June 17th
  2. Sign up to empty classroom day on their website
  3. Ask each staff member commit to putting together one activity for your pupils to undertake
  4. Carousel all of your classes around each activity 


This formula is easy, shares the burden and is very time friendly during a hectic schedule.

For help and inspiration take a look at some of our previous blog posts on creating an outdoor classroom with zero budget,lesson plans to use outside,key low cost resources and many more tips.


Benefits to you and your staff team:

  • Enhancing and building collaboration across the team
  • Sharing an exciting goal 
  • Providing an amazing and varied experience for your students
  • Creating opportunities to witness your pupils in an exciting new context
  • Creating a really memorable and positive day


Wherever you are on your outdoor learning journey purchase a copy of our LOC handbook which is jam packed with over 100 exciting outdoor lesson plans across 9 core subject areas.