Funding Outdoor Learning Spaces - Canopy Classroom
Outdoor Canopy Classroom

We often hear from schools that they would like to update their outdoor learning spaces, but that they are not sure how to fund it. Therefore, we would like to share a funding idea that may be of interest to schools and community groups.

A school we worked with recently was able to secure funding through the Aviva Community Fund for us to build a new canopy classroom and have some landscaping work done around their outdoor learning area. We were able to get the work done for the school and get pupils out learning in no time! It really was a great improvement to the space.

What is the Aviva Community Fund?

All Aviva employees are given money from the company to allocate to the projects that interest them most. They can choose which projects to support by viewing pictures and the story put forward by each organisation. It’s a form of crowdfunding with Aviva chipping in a nice chunk of change!

How do we apply?

Applications are open online and the next closing date is April 7, 2021. You will need to fill out an application form and put forward a case for your project. If your proposal is accepted your fundraiser will go live on the Aviva website. Watch this video from Aviva about the programme to find out more.

Are there other places to find funding for outdoor learning?

This may not be the specific funding avenue for you, but there is still hope! Creative Star Learning have put together an extensive list of grants for outdoor learning and play, have a look here and see what might work for your school or community group.  Funding options and grants change often so if you don’t find the right one now, fear not. Consequently, it is a good idea to keep an eye out and watch out for any deadlines to avoid missing out on that all-important money!

Let us know how you get on.

We would love to hear of any other places you have had success with funding outdoor learning spaces and training for educators. Send us a message here.