It has been an action packed year for us at SOuL. Of course, it’s good for business, but more importantly it says a lot about current trends and the status of the outdoor learning agenda. We are getting more enquires than ever before and having more conversations with school leaders who want to change the way children learn.

Some schools are ready to pull the trigger on large installation projects such as an eco hub or natural playscape, while others opt for an intensive teacher training day to prepare staff to take children outside or some basic resources to get started. No matter the size or scale of each school’s needs, all of these requests send a positive message, outdoor learning is here to stay!


2023 in numbers

Here are some of our 2023 on site highlights.

We installed 39 canopy classrooms last year and are gearing up to build many more in 2024!

Outdoor classroom made from natural materials


We planned and delivered 15 staff INSET days with different teams on site.


We put in 40 natural playscapes and features at schools across the UK.


We installed 12 outdoor seating areas, plus this fantastic amphitheatre that seats 150 people.


We put in 6 large multipurpose storage sheds at various schools and nurseries.


The team installed 3 Intervention Pods (for SEN settings) to support additional needs while spending time outdoors.


We installed 4 solar power units and are looking to do a lot more of this in the future with our innovative new power system. The future is looking bright!


And that’s not all! We also worked on:

7 large sail shades

40 natural playscapes and features

4 large cabins

1 barn conversion

4 rainwater harvesting systems installed

10 ponds and horticulture spaces (developed and renovated)

3 large teacher CPD events

25 teaching resource packs sent out to schools

136 schools visits throughout the year to deliver projects, run events or discuss future plans for outdoor play, learning and training.

This doesn’t even begin to cover all of the extra touches we offer like bird boxes, benches, blackboards, custom signs and so much more! We weren’t kidding when we said it had been a busy year!


What can we do for you?

Did you see something you like the look of? Get in touch here to find out more. We are raring to go for another year of outdoor learning and play. 2024 is already looking busy, but we always have time for a call to chat and support your work so don’t be shy!

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