Learning Outside the Classroom Starter Pack

£945.00 + VAT

For schools that wish to make a head start into Outdoor Learning, to accompany the LOC Handbook we also provide a wide array of portable, practical and modular items of equipment that offer possibilities for teaching, learning and play across different subject areas and age groups.


  • 2 x heavy duty tarpaulins marked with grid patterns (8 x 8 & 6 x 6) for literacy and numeracy based activities
  • Letter and number tiles
  • A sensory pack incorporating a wide array of highly visual and tactile items
  • Additonal must have LOC items such as blindfolds,  magnifying glasses, big chalk, and lots more
  • A variety of visual aids and clipboards


Our standard ‘Starter Pack’ costs £895 and would provide for a starting package consisting of the resources listed above and more. Items are delivered in 2 large storage boxes.