Log Seasoning Store

£395.00 + VAT



It is vital that you season wood for your fire pits outdoors. Without leaving the wood for a period of time you can create lots of unwanted smoke and wood that cracks and sends flying embers into your meeting and teaching space which can be dangerous. Our wood stores are wooden, pent roof, open fronted chests that can sit anywhere within your outdoor classroom or teaching area. Dimensions – 1800mm wide, 1300mm high and 700mm deep with a corrugated Onduline roof they will provide you with years of storage of your kindling and firewood. We strongly advise that fire lighting materials (matches, flints, paper etc.) are stored in a lockable container or brought out with you when fires are to be lit. Note we can also supply fire pits, lighting and extinguishing kits too.

Cost – £395 plus VAT and delivery.