Solar Power

£2,245.00 + VAT


We are able to supply and install a full solar package to supply both 240v and 12v supply to your outdoor classroom, canopy and surrounding space. This can be useful for things such as lights inside and on pathways, sockets and charging for tablets, phones, WiFi network boosters, event items (such as water urns, fridges) and of course additional devices such as laptops, projectors, speakers etc.


The cost for the full 12V package is £1875 plus VAT and includes the following:

  • Large solar panel mounted on an aluminum frame.
  • All cables, wiring and switches.
  • 1 x large batteries and isolators housed in secure waterproof box.
  • LED lights for inside the canopy

The cost of the combined 240V and 12V system is £2245 plus VAT and includes an inverter and additional battery for larger power storage

Both costs include installation by our expert team.