The Loose Parts ‘PAC’

£3,450.00 + VAT


SOul are delighted to unveil their latest exciting and highly versatile product to support outdoor play and learning in all schools and for children of all ages. We call it the ‘Loose Parts PAC’ concept. It consists of a large number of items such as Accoya planks and boxes, ropes tarps, poles, mats, tubes etc.

The PAC concept then extends into 3 key areas of use:

Play – all of the items can be used for periods of supervised play by children of all ages.

Assembly – the boxes and planks are designed so that they can then easily slot together to create temporary seating and teaching spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Character education – the equipment can then also be used as part of a suite of over 30 team-based problem-solving tasks and activities. It will enable you to explore and develop team and collaborative skills, critical thinking, leadership, communication and feedback skills (with appropriate adaptations) children of all ages and ability levels.

Cost – £3450 plus VAT and delivery