What is STARs?

Schools' Team Adventure Races (STARs) are a wonderful mix of team spirit, adventure and character education at some of the UK's most inspiring and beautiful school grounds.

They are designed for entire year 8 year groups and take place after Common Entrance or other end of year exams. 

The events support the development of a number of character based qualities and personal skills to support them at school and beyond.

Major themes include self management & autonomy, initiative, resilience, collaboration, leadership, problem solving, self control and creativity. Teams are scored according to their performance in these areas and not on physical prowess.

Activities featured in our event (where the terrain allows) include:

  • Mountain biking
  • Orienteering
  • Canoeing/raft building
  • Climbing
  • Team initiative tasks
  • Fire building
  • Archery
  • Sensory challenges
  • Creative tasks using natural materials
  • Testing knowledge of the natural world and the outdoor environment



How Do They Work?

  • Teams of 6 students (mixed gender or single sex)
  • 5 timed stages over 4 hours
  • Teams operate independently
  • Instruction & supervision provided when necessary
  • Teams are scored on collaboration skills & their ability to lead & manage themselves



How to Participate in 2018

STARs events can be organised exclusively for your school or in collaboration with other schools within your network. 

If you have some school grounds (minimum 40 acres) and would like to be a host school then click below.