Whole Staff CPD/Inset

Our CPD events are designed to build confidence, creativity and innovative pedagogy so you can take your teaching outside immediately. Tapping into your outdoor spaces as a teaching resource will make learning more hands on, practical and engaging.

The evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that by utilising this approach we can:

  • engage learners
  • improve behaviour
  • increase attainment
  • enhance health and wellbeing
  • make learning more enjoyable

We provide whole school inset training around the following themes:

Learning Outside the Classroom – Provison for entry level through to advanced skills for successfully embedded OL schools. Using the LOC Handbook as a baseline we focus on building the skills and confidence to deliver curriculum linked learning outside the classroom; from EYFS to KS-2; covering all main subject areas.

Outcomes are:

  • familiarisation with best practice
  • creative approaches to teaching
  • curriculum linking and mapping.

Staff will be confident planning their own lessons which provide visceral and practical learning using simple, low tech, low cost resources to help contextulaise and enhance classroom concepts.

Character Development – We also focus on how to deliver powerful character based learning around many of the themes such as curiosity, resilience, growth mindset, teamwork, independence, risk taking, determination and creativity. Other themes, which are relevant to your school such as your own personal values can  be embedded into our training. Staff would learn our 3 step approach to structuring sessions which guarantees meaningful learning and reflection for pupils. Plus an endless supply of activities and reflective techniques to promote powerful learning transfer.

Horticulture – The vast potential for contextualisation of learning is explored by sharing acitivity ideas and and best practice on how growing themes link to different areas of the curriculum. This topic gives teachers an opportunity to consider the vast potential and plan for planting in the raised beds or poly tunnel. 

Visioning – Staff creating a  vision for outdoor learning at your school moving forward. This would include ideas and inspirations for further site development, resources and support needed for outstanding outdoor learning. The output could be further consulted upon with pupils in the school to highlight where the need is and to create buy in and ownership. In addition we would further explore the benefits for staff and pupils regarding outdoor learning, share the evidence and research base and build enthusiasm for learning outside. 

Our events are fully participative, experiential and mostly outdoors. You will come away with pragmatic tips, tools and ideas so you can feel confident to take more of your teaching outside immediately.

Cost: £895/day NOW REDUCED TO £745/day (+ VAT & Travel)