Outdoor Canopy Classroom - USAWe might be a UK-based company, but our outdoor canopy classrooms and specialised outdoor learning training sessions have travelled across the pond and beyond. SOuL will deliver right to your door (or field or school ground or wherever your outdoor learning takes place)!

This means that you can build your very own outdoor canopy classroom and receive outdoor learning training and resources from the industry leaders at SOuL, no matter where you are in the world. It’s exciting to see outdoor learning become integrated into school life on a global scale. Have a look at this signature SOuL outdoor classroom in action near Boston, MA, USA.


Outdoor Canopy Classrooms Delivered 

The benefits of having a dedicated outdoor learning space at your school or youth centre are almost countless. Here are just a few:

  1.  Outdoor learning supports students wellbeing as well as their academic success. An outdoor classroom creates a       space where students thrive and grow.
  2.  An outdoor canopy classroom protects your group from the elements. This means that the magic of outdoor   learning carries on in all weathers and students still enjoy their experience.
  3.  A custom-built space, such as an outdoor classroom, imprints outdoor learning into daily school life. This helps   students and teachers know what to expect when they arrive and prepare to learn in alternative ways.  


Not sure what we are talking about?! Here’s a video featuring a canopy classroom in all of its glory. Enjoy!




I want to SOuL to Deliver an Outdoor Canopy Classroom to my school. How does it work?


We are on hand via phone or video conference call to help you through each step of the process from selecting your site, installation, care and maintenance. 


I am in the UK. Does SOuL deliver installations and resources here too? 

Absolutely. There are times when it isn’t practical for SOuL to install your canopy classroom or deliver training to you on site. Therefore, we can deliver the same packages to you in the UK as we can to schools and other organisations abroad. 


I’m interested. What’s next?

Contact us to schedule a no-obligation call about your needs and set-up. You’ll learn more about how SOuL can help take your outdoor learning plans to the next level. 

Let’s make outdoor learning a core part of every student’s education, together.  

Outdoor Canopy Classrom - USA